Best Refillable Vape Pods 2020!

Best Refillable Vape Pods 2020

Our Selection Of The Best Refillable Vape Pods So Far This Year….

As we welcome the new year we have observed an increasing growth of the usage of pod systems. Here is our list of the hottest refillable Pod Systems taking the industry by storm.

Voopoo vinci

After testing out the Voopoo Vinci pod system I feel that it is one of the best pod systems which will be suitable for every user. The beauty of the Voopoo Vinci devices is that it caters for the mouth-to-lung users and sub-ohm users. While reviewing this device I was in a phase where I was switching between MTL and sub-ohming. I really enjoyed the versatility of being able to switch between both. In addition to that, this device has an output level of 40watts which provided me with the option of increasing the power whenever I wanted too in comparison to a lot of pod systems out there which does not offer this feature. The battery life of the device too really took me by surprise, I was easily getting a full day of battery life (sometimes just a bit more) when I was using the MTL mode. Last but not least, the aesthetics of the device, I must say that I am not a huge fan of the shape of the device. To me, the device feels very box-like, not something I personally would like in a vape device. 

Top Specs

Voopoo Vinci Product Review

0.3 & 0.8-ohm coil (Out of the box)
Dual Airflow System
1500mAh Built-in Battery
Seven Safety Protections
Pod capacity 5ml (TPD 2ml)
E-liquid & Nic Salt Compatible 

Voopoo Vinci X

Very similar to the regular Voopoo Vinci pod system, the Vopoo Vinci X has the added benefit of accommodating a single 18650 battery. Taking away the headache of constantly having to charge your device. If you are like me you would probably pre-charge several batteries to have on the go with you, which allows me to leave the house worry-free. In addition to that Voopoo decided to give the Vinci X an additional 30watts towards the device, meaning you now have a 70watt device as opposed to the regular 40watt Vinci pod system. This is aimed towards individuals who predominantly vape at a higher wattage (sub-ohm). In terms of aesthetics and ergonomy the Vinci X has a slight notch on the face of the device, this is to accommodate the 18650 battery. If you are a chain vaper like me this is definitely the pod system you would like to be investing in. The Vinci pod systems also have an auto draw system which allows users to use the device without the need to press the fire button. I found this feature handy when I am busy working and I do not have a free hand. The downside I found about the Voopoo Vinci pod systems auto draw firing system was that it was not as responsive as other pod devices that I have tried.

Top Specs

Voopoo Vinci X Battery

70 watts
Accommodates single 18650 battery
Dual Airflow System
Eight Safety Protection
Pod capacity 5ml (TPD 2ml)
E-liquid & Nic Salt Compatible

Voopoo Vinci X Pod

Lost Vape Orion Q

Unlike the rest, I find the Lost vape Orion pod series are much more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to the other pod devices in the market at the moment. It naturally feels much nicer to hold in your hand. I suppose that is expected from a device which is much slimmer in width. Besides the form factor, I found the Lost Vape Orion Q too, provided with a really nice hit of it ever time. The flavour produced from such a small device was really impressive. The downside of this device was the battery life for me. That being said I would be considered a chain vaper, therefore, I will be hopping away on the device constantly, which drastically reduces the chance of getting a full day of battery life out of the device. The lifespan of the pods is fairly decent too, depending on the e-liquid that you use in your device. The Lost Vape Orion has a very easy mechanism which allows you to change your pod very easily. By just removing the pod of the top of the device and replacing it with a new pod you are set to go. Convenience at its finest!

Top Specs

950 mAh
Pod Capacity 2ml
Frame – Stainless Steel
1.0ohm pods
E-liquid & Nic Salt Compatible
Battery Status Indicator
Cartridge Locking Slider
Top Adjustable Airflow
Multiple Built-In Protection

Lost Vape Orion Plus

An upgrade from the Orion Q, the Lost Vape Orion Plus consists of some additional features which better suits the requirements of some users. In comparison to the original Lost Vape Orion Q, the plus has a pod which accommodates interchangeable coils. I personally prefer a pod device which would allow me to change the coil as opposed to an entire pod which makes the Lost Vape Orion Plus my preferred between the Lost Vape Orion’s Pod Systems. In terms of the build quality, I found that the Orion Plus had a more solid feel in comparison to the other pod devices that I have used. If you have a tendency of dropping your device as I do you may more then likely would want something which feels a bit more solid and which will give you some peace of mind. No doubt it would be best if you do not drop it but sometimes shit happens and you have an ooopsiee moment and you end up dropping your device.

Top Specs

Lost Vape Orion Plus

Pod capacity 2ml
950mAh Li-Po battery
0.25 mesh coil and 0.5 regular coils available
(5 adjustable power levels)
Replaceable coils
Top adjustable airflow

Aspire AVP

What can I say about the AVP pod system, besides it is an interesting pod system. A fully automated pod system is what I would classify the AVP as. Due to its lack of a firing button making it purely draw-activated. I think this feature may resonate with some but not all. I personally liked the idea of the feature but one key problem which stood out to me was, in the event, if the auto-draw system was to fail you would not have the option of using a fire button, which means you will have to replace your entire device. In my opinion, this is would make me very conscious about the possibility of the device failing on me while I am out and about. No doubt that it is a great device and it provides with a remarkable hit of the device and the flavour of it is really good too but personally I would not be comfortable with that insecurity. Which is kind of similar to many new closed pod systems like the Juul, Vype, Blu and Logic pod devices. Which are closed pod systems which mean you are not able to fill your own liquids into the pods and also they are draw-activated.

Top Specs

Aspire AVP

1.2-ohm nichrome, 1.3ohm ceramic & 0.6ohm mesh
Pod capacity 2ml 
Fixed Airflow
E-liquid & Nic Salt compatible
Coil material (Nichrome)
Built-in safety features

Our Thoughts!

With pod systems being easily accessible to the public it is hard to get the right one which will suit one’s needs. We have noticed an increase in closed pod systems in the market especially like the Juuls, Vype, Logic & Blu which can be purchased over the counter at many convenient stores or garages. These devices are usually draw activated and are not an open pod system which would allow you to refill it. One of our problem with the devices that we have listed earlier they are all produce and sold Tobacco Companies, who are coming in the industry just to make a quick buck. In addition to that, the use of a close pod system contributes greatly towards plastic waste and also does not give the user the choice of choosing the liquid/flavour that they would like to use. We would personally advise users to refrain from purchasing those devices and to call into any one of our vape shop or vape shops around you and check out the refillable pod systems available. We hope by putting together this list of our pick at the best refillable vape pods 2020 it will assists you in your search for the right pod system for you.

That's Our Thoughts, What's Yours?

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