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  1. Was just trying it. Not for me.

  2. Website and customer support has always been utterly 5 star, however the delivery. I know this is handled by another company, but it’s all on the 1 question. So… they threw my last package over the wall. In front oh my door is a gate with a wall a little over 6 foot. Use the gate? Nah. Toss it over the wall. On a rainy day. My wife was home, she could have gotten it no problem. Instead? Tossed over a 6ft wall. The bag was ripped and something was leaking. Jesus Christ.

  3. This stuff is annoying, but it was the only choice on the website. €3 for a tiny package is underwhelming.

  4. only problem is the glass area would be better in plastic as they crack and break easily when dropped

  5. Not great