How To Travel Guide for Vapers

Vape Travel Checklist

Getting ready for your Vapecation. What you need to know before travelling.

The process of getting ready for a holiday can be a tedious process and can raise a lot of questions such as what I can and can’t bring. If you are a vaper, you probably find yourself asking questions such as “can I bring my vape, can I travel with my external batteries, how much liquid can I take with me and so on”. We are going to answer some common questions that we come across regularly. As frequent travellers, we have had the opportunity to speak to several different airport security personnel who have shed some light on regulations or tips to best take into account when travelling. We have also come across airport security personnel who are vapers themselves who have given us some advice which you would not find online.

We will tackle each of the following questions one-by-one

1. What is the biggest bottle size you can travel with? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Just like travelling with any liquids, you are limited to 100ml (3.4oz) bottles sizes. The same rules apply to E-liquids, you are allowed to travel with them as long as they fit into a bottle or liquid carrying case of a 100ml (3.4oz) in size. Your liquids need to be stored in a clear zip-lock plastic bag. All liquids should fit into one clear zip-lock bag. 

2. How much liquid can I bring? 

There is a general limitation on the total amount of liquid an individual can have with them when travelling. The maximum cap on the amount of liquid an individual can travel with is 1000ml (1 litre). The 1-litre capacity is for liquids which are carried in the aeroplane cabin. This would be inclusive of your aerosols, liquids, creams, toothpaste, etc. If you are planning on taking more then 1 litre of liquid cumulatively you may want to pack them properly and store them away in your check-in luggage. Ensure that it is properly sealed and wrapped in a plastic bag, this allows you to avoid liquids leaking onto your clothing if the unfortunate situation of a leak was to present itself. 

Vape Travel Tips3. Am I allowed to bring batteries on the plane? 

It is completely acceptable to bring batteries onto the plane with you (internal or external) but you may one to consider a few things before travelling. If you are using a device which has a built-in battery (internal battery mod), you have nothing much to worry about besides making sure that your device is turned off before boarding your flight to prevent your device from auto firing when you store them in your bag or in your pockets. If you are travelling with a device which uses external batteries you may one to make sure your batteries are properly stored. Predominantly we would recommend having an external battery case for your batteries so you can safely store them away from any other items which you may have in your luggage or pockets. This will ensure that there is no possible way of your batteries making contact with other metal or materials which could cause your battery to vent, you can check out this article on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts For Vaping Battery Safety’. This is a good guide to follow for general battery etiquette. So if you are travelling with a device which uses an external battery we will strongly advise an external battery case. If you are travelling with a regulated mod which has a built-in battery case/holder it is fine to travel with your batteries in there. This is not advisable if you are travelling with an unregulated mechanical mod. If you are intending of travelling with your unregulated mechanical mod, please do ensure you have the right battery cases to store your batteries appropriately. 

4. Can I bring devices with external batteries? 

Yes, it is completely acceptable to travel with devices which require external batteries to function. Keep in mind that you would require to take the necessary steps to ensure that you are transporting your batteries safely. Airport officers have the right to refuse you from carrying your batteries if they are not stored appropriately at safe and appropriate standards.

5. Where is the best place to store my vape gear?

We spoke to a few individuals who vape and travel frequently and they did highlight some important points to take into consideration when it comes to storing your vape gear. We spoke to Mark Curran & Marcus Murphy, managing director & sales manager at DRS Distro respectively. When asked, ‘Where is the best place to store your vape gear’ they both had the same answer, which is in their hand-carry bag. 

 “You would want to ensure that you carry your vape gear in your hand-carry bag. You should do so to ensure that you do not get stopped by airport security. By putting your vape devices into your check-in luggage airport security may not be able to identify the object in your bag when it passes through the airport scanners which could prompt them to stop you just to identify the “mysterious” object in your bag. Which evidently is your vape. Therefore we strongly suggest that vapers who are travelling should store their vape devices in their hand-carry luggage when travelling”.

Travelling With Your Vape6. Is it safe to vape in the country I am visiting? 

To date, most countries do permit the use of E-cigarettes. That being said, there are some countries around the world which have banned the use, sale, import or export of E-cigarettes. It might be worth referring to this list to identify if the country that you are visiting has any restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. 

7. Why does my tank leak when I am on a plane?

If you have travelled with your vape on an aeroplane before you may have encountered the unfortunate situation where your tank or device leaks on you. This commonly happens when you have a tank which contains liquid before the departure of your flight. This happens due to the pressure differences when you are in the air and when you are on the ground. A common rule of thumb when travelling is to empty your tank before taking off and to close off the juice flow control entirely to prevent your e-liquid form leaking from your tank. “Your tank leaked because of a change in air pressure. This pressure change pushed your e-liquid out of your tank. Even though the cabin of the aeroplane is pressurized, the air pressure is still different than the air pressure of where your journey began” (Volcano,2020).

8. Where can I vape at the airport? 

Most airports have a designated smoking area. There are no restrictions on the usage of vapes in the smoking area. So if you are looking for a location to use your vape in the airport you should keep an eye out for the smoking area.

9. Can I vape on the plane?

Even though we have seen people vape on the plane before, we do not recommend this practice at all. As highlighted in an article by TheSunUk,2019 they mentioned an incident where a man was banned from flying with SpiritAirlines after vaping in the aeroplane lavatory. This incident triggered the alarm in the lavatory which led to the plane having to make an emergency landing. They cited that “If you are caught vaping on a flight then you could face heavy fines or being banned from the airline” (TheSun,2020).

Vapers Checklist!

  • Vape Kit
  • E-liquid
  • Batteries 
  • Battery Case 
  • Charger
  • Coils / Replacement Atomizers 
  • Ensure your devices are fully charged
  • Bring a wall plug to charge your device (in the case of an emergency)

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