Juul Pods Contaminated?

The name Juul has become a popular name in the vaping industry. Known for their compact size vape devices Juul is one of the most used vaping product in the United States. Juul’s are known for their sleek design and high nicotine pods which are filled with nicotine salts. Juul Labs, Inc have been getting a lot of heat recently in light of their advertising practices and business practices. 


Juul has been recently accused of conducting sales of contaminated pods. An ex-employee of Juul Labs, Inc has come out and filed a lawsuit against them for ignoring proper health and safety regulations by selling a million contaminated pods for Juul devices. Pods are a prefilled cartridge which a customer can buy for their device, instead of using an open pods system which required the user to constantly fill their pods or tank. 


Closed pod systems are sold pre-filled with different flavours and different strength nicotine salts. The law-suit has been filed against Juul Labs, Inc, by the former Senior Vice President of Global Finance, Siddharth Breja who worked for Juul Labs from May 2018 to March 2019. During his employment there Siddharth raised concerns regarding the contaminated pods and several unethical business practices (BuzzFeed,2019).


According to the lawsuit filed against Juul Labs, Inc – the issue of the contaminated pods was brought to their attention after it was released for marketing. Even though they were aware of it, no recall on the Mint Pods was conducted nor was there a  public health and safety statement which was made to make consumers aware of the issue in hand. Even though Juul Labs, Inc allegedly did request for a 7,000,000 million dollar compensation/refund from their e-liquid suppliers Alternative Ingredients, Inc according to the lawsuit filed by Mr Siddharth Breja. 


Mr Siddharth Breja, raised concerns regarding the contaminated pods – and the request to withdraw the contaminated pods was refused. During Mr Breja’s weekly meeting with his supervisor Mr Timothy Danaher the CFO and Corporate Secretary of Juul Labs, Inc. According to the statement by Mr. Breja stated that “Mr Danher was angered by Mr Breja’s comments and questioned his financial acumen since both of Mr Breja’s suggestions would lead to billions of dollars in lost sales, a tarnished company image, damage t oJUUL’s brand reputation, jeopardizing JUUL’s PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product  Application), and signification reduction in JUUL’s valuation, which would impact Mr. Danaher’s and Mr. Burns personal net worth, given that they are principally compensated in JUUL stock” (Breja v Juul Lawsuit, 2019).

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