HorizonTech Falcon Coils

Mesh coils with unique wicking materials, Wood Pulp, Bamboo Fibre & Organic Japenese Cotton brings about a unique blend to give you a flavour blast out of this world.

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HorizonTech Falcon Coils
HorizonTech Falcon Coils

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HorizonTech Falcon Coils

The Horizon Falcon replacement coils are here to give you a different path on your way to your favourite flavour trip. What makes these coils great is what they are comprised of. To start, the F1 coil (0.2 ohms rated for 80w) has 30% pulp and 70% organic cotton. That’s right, pulp. This unique wicking material brings about a unique blend to give you a flavour blast out of this world. This pulp/cotton blend can also be found in their mesh coils as well (M1 – 0.15 rated for 70w, M2 – 0.16 rated for 80w). The M1 coil will resemble the mesh type that you know while the M2 is more of a strip coil, having larger holes and more spacing between those holes.

Each of these coils is made with A1 Kanthal and the packs come in 3 so when your flavour train makes its final stop you can always pop open your next coil and go for another ride! So whether it’s a traditional coil or mesh, with the unique pulp and cotton blend you are sure to get something different when you use the Horizon Falcon coils!

All coils are supplied in their original retail packaging which comprises foil sealed packs of 3 individual coils and is compatible with the Falcon King Tank.

Important: Once you have changed your coil it is important to soak the newly installed coil in liquid using a process called ‘priming’ to avoid burning the cotton prematurely. This involves filling the tank completely with E-Liquid and leaving it to soak into the new coils cotton before vaping. You should leave the newly filled tank for around 6-8 minutes before use.

M1+ Mesh
0.16 ohms rated for 75w(100% Bamboo Fibre)

M1 Mesh
0.15 ohms rated for 70w (30% Wood Pulp / 70% Cotton)

M2 Mesh
0.16 ohms rather for 80w (30% Wood Pulp / 70% Cotton)

M Triple Mesh
0.15 ohms rated for 70w (30% Wood Pulp / 70% Cotton)

M Dual Mesh
0.38 ohms rated for 80w (30% Bamboo Fiber)

F1 Mesh
0.20 ohms rated for 80w (30% Wood Pulp / 70% Cotton)


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