EUC Clapton – Vaporesso

The EUC reinvents traditional atomizers allowing a fast and easier than ever system to replace your coil and wick after use.


EUC Vape Coils
EUC Clapton – Vaporesso

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EUC Clapton | Vaporesso

Eco Universal Coils (EUC) boasts powerful performance, but lower costs!

The EUC reinvents traditional atomizers allowing a fast and easier than ever system to replace your coil and wick after use. Before we had to replace the ENTIRE coil head, shell, coil, wick, connective element, but now you’ll only have to replace the core, the heart of the atomizer encasing the coil and the CCELL wick or traditional cotton, therefore saving time, money, and cutting the environment some deserved slack.

EUC Vape Coils Close UpEUC Vape Coils At A Glance

Sub-ohm resistance (0.4-0.5Ω) as standard
Ceramic or traditional (Kanthal, Nickel, Stainless) versions available
Superior e-liquid taste
Creates bigger clouds than standard coils
Revolutionary new quick and simple replacement system
Lower cost to traditional coils as less to replace – only core is replaced
The advantages of a CCELL ceramic or a COTTON choice
Greener for the environment as less waste
ROHs and MSDS approved for your safety

The Old Days v.s. EUC Now

One of the most frequently discussed question in vaping is how often do you need to change the coil, though it all depends on your own preference, still it is proved that with a new coil, it tends to deliver better flavour thus a better experience.

When Vaporesso launched the EUC, it is meant to answer the question of how often the coils need to be changed, once and for all:

Change it without worrying about cost.

Instead of changing the complete coil typically with metal sleeves as it used to be, with EUC, you only need to change the minimal part that is with heating elements while maintaining the metal sleeve at a reasonable cost and avoid any waste.

ECO Vaping, start now!

Which Atomisers do they work with?

Currently EUC is available in ceramic and traditional metal of various resistances for different performance, and they are compatible with the followingVaporesso tanks:

Attitude Tank
Drizzle Tank
Estoc Tank
VECO Tank/VECO Plus Tank

EUC Tank Ceramic Vs Traditional

More about EUC Vape Coils

The patented design itself is highly compatible with a metal sleeve option available, fitting into the mainstream atomizers in the market, performing at the right settings.

EUC Specs

EUC Specifications

Traditional EUC Clapton 0.3Ω 35-40W

Traditional EUC Clapton 0.4Ω 40-50W

Traditional EUC Clapton 0.5Ω 35-40W

Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.5Ω 25-35W

Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.6Ω 40-55W

What’s in the EUC box?

EUC Vape Coils Packaging

 5 x EUC coils in ceramic OR metal.


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