Vandy Vape Maze Replacement Coils

Vandy Vape Maze RDA Replacement Maze Coil was specially designed for Maze Sub-ohm BF RDA. Maze Coil is made of high-quality SS316L, exported Japanese cotton and peeks insulator raw material. With 0.2ohm that is best to use at 50W to 100W.


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Vandy Vape Maze Replacement Coil
Vandy Vape Maze Replacement Coils


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Vandy Vape Maze Replacement Coils

Maze Replacement Coil, by Vandy Vape, has an interesting build to it that not many can say they have witnessed. The horizontal build allows it to be compatible with the Vandy Vape Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA, which does an excellent performance.

The resistance of this coil is 0.2ohm and it has a wattage range of 50 to 100 Watts. This will allow the tank to give you a good balance of vapour and flavour every time you go for a pull.

The cotton used in this coil is organic and fluffy, which gives it an easier time to absorb as much e-liquid as you can add to it. The cotton has several fibres that will allow the cotton to absorb a lot of the e-juice so that you can enjoy a lot of it. Relax by popping this coil into your Vandy Vape Maze Sub Ohm BF RDA, and you will be satisfied with the flavour and clouds. There are three coils that come in every pack, so you will have enough to give your tank a bit of TLC and help it run as if you just bought a new tank.


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