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The Short Fill - A Vapers Blog

The Short Fill was set up because we are sick to the teeth with all the bad media surrounding the vape industry lately. Proudly presented to you by the team at Vintage Vape Rooms.

By conducting in-depth research and investigations into current affairs which are happening in the vape world, we intend to provide readers with a critically analysed write up regarding all issues which storm the industry. 

It’s crucial to be able to rely on a source of news and information you can trust. We intend to be that medium of information and news for all our readers and vape consumers. Our main goal is to filter through all the fake news which is lined with political propaganda to ensure that an unbiased representation of all facts is available to the public. As many are aware, news today can be heavily populated with biased and unjust reporting which in turn can lead to corrupt opinions. An event which seems to be a rather common occurrence in today’s vaping industry, with very few loud voices which help to advocate the benefits of vaping.

We will also be giving you some of the usual ‘ol shite like product reviews on the latest hardware and e-liquids but these will be kept to a minimum so we can concentrate on the main focus of this blog. Finding the truth!

Being Vapers for many years we understand the frustration of not being able to find a neutral source of information. We intend to tackle this issue by maintaining a high level of transparency with all our reporting. Although the topics in this blog might get a little heavy at times we will do our best to keep it mix it up with some other types of content.

Let’s find the truth!

The Short Fill - A Vapers Blog

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