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Beginners Guide To Vaping

Beginners Guide To Vaping

Beginners Guide To Vaping In recent years the rise of the electronic cigarette industry has been truly remarkable and here is why this has happened. Due to the thriving demand for a healthier alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes, also known as “vaping“ has become the number one option for smokers, to live a healthier lifestyle […]

JUUL – Back At It Again!

Juul - Back At It Again!

What has JUUL done now? “JUUL has been the focus of growing public anger and concern over what federal officials have called ‘an epidemic’ of underage vaping.” “The case, brought by Massachusetts after a lengthy investigation, presents some of the strongest evidence the vaping company was marketing to teenagers” (NYTimes,2020). Evidence in the suit points […]

General Election 2020! How Will This Affect The Vape Industry?

General Election 2020 - What It Means For The Vape Industry

What Exactly Does This Mean For The Vape Industry? *PROPOSITION TO NEW GOVERNING BODY* Irelands General Election (2020)  The Ireland General Election 2020 is going to have a significant impact on the e-cigarette industry in Ireland. As we already reported in our article about the National Ban on Flavoured E-liquids, the industry has seen an […]

Welcome To The Short Fill

The Short Fill - A Vapers Blog

The Short Fill was set up because we are sick to the teeth with all the bad media surrounding the vape industry lately. Proudly presented to you by the team at Vintage Vape Rooms. By conducting in-depth research and investigations into current affairs which are happening in the vape world, we intend to provide readers […]

National Flavour Ban On E-Liquids – Good or Bad?

National Flavour Ban

The Increased Scrutiny On Flavoured E-Liquids Since the “vaping epidemic” which stormed the United States of America in August 2019, we have seen an increase in reports and articles which suggest that vaping should be banned. In particular, we have seen an increase in talks on the regulations/ban of flavoured E-liquids. Arguments about the minimal […]

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